Tips for easy weight loss

Health and Food – Do you really hungry?

For many people, food is since early childhood, a form of reward and a comfort, of belonging that helps about boredom and frustration. Give up high-calorie foods such as burgers and chips, for example – take advantage of a warm bath, a visit to the cinema, walking, listening to music or reading.

Metabolic Balance Diet

For example, you can bet on the Metabolic Balance Diet – a metabolic diet, in which, after a blood test, an individual diet plan is developed. This is rich in protein and are usually accurate quantitative data for the allowed foods. You eat three times a day, with a five-hour break that must be maintained between meals. The diet is a guarantee of success and you have no hunger feeling himself. Of course, you have to be true to a specific diet plan, as and to keep strict quantities fixed. The advantage is that the food is prepared quickly.

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Be careful with cola, lemonade and juice

In beverages such as cola, lemonade and juice is very high in sugar contain. Who wants to lose weight should look for when choosing its drinks sure to take as few calories. No calories contained mineral water, coffee and tea.
Weight loss – Fitness and Sport

To lose weight, you must permanently take less calories than his body burns. An effective weight reduction should consist of two components – a sports training such as running, which helps to boost the calorie consumption and a reduced-calorie diet. To lose weight just by walking is difficult.

The calories consumed by sport is far from being as high as some think: a slow run of about half an hour burns as already mentioned only about 300 calories , depending on body size and weight. Although the same muscles are built, which in turn burn calories, but it takes a while to run with the correct weight is lost.

In addition, beginning runners should run no more than twice a week at first, because the tendons and joints, etc. slowly getting used to the load.