To lose weight – It is about your health

Studies have shown that a weight loss of several kilograms, can reduce the risk for diabetes, as and the risk of heart disease. The slimming down of superfluous pounds is recommended not only for your appearance but also in regards to your health. It is normal with the years in every single person to monitor weight gain.

Few pounds, spread over several years, are no problem for the health. However, should their body mass index have (BMI), a value of 25 or more, it is advisable to deal with the subject of weight loss and to take measures for weight loss. The BMI is calculated by dividing one’s weight by the height squared (weight / height ²). The normal value is between 18.5 and 24.9.

Health Food

Reduced-fat salad dressings, potato chips or yogurt are no real help in losing weight. Often because the fat has been replaced therein by starch or other easily degradable carbohydrates. Thus contribute to zigzag course of insulin and this gives constant feeling of hunger. Avoid hidden fats in the form of prepared meals, baked goods, fast food, drinking low-fat milk; enjoy meat or vegetables sometimes without sauce.

Reduce stress

“Who is under pressure to eat more,” say psychologists. Because eating is relaxing in itself, and because people under stress are more likely to eat. Those who manage to reduce mental stress will succeed in losing weight. Even a reading lesson, a walk, a bubble bath, a sauna or a massage can help to reduce stress-related appetite.

To lose weight – Fitness and Sport

Do not be dissatisfied if you do not lose weight as fast as you would like it. Slowly but surely is the motto. Each time you exercise more than usual, you burn calories and fat. Do not forget that there really is no other or faster way to lose weight healthy and sensibly.

The role of sport and exercise

Balance of energy intake (kcal or kJ) and energy consumption, diet and exercise go together. , the food gives us the energy that the body needs for its functions and the exercise.

Due mainly sedentary activities, cars, machinery, elevators, etc. often lack the compensatory motion. It is therefore important additional sports activities in leisure time increasing energy consumption and accelerate weight loss.